The Subconscious of Storytelling

The Subconscious of Storytelling

Did you know the majority of our thinking occurs in the subconscious part of our brain where logic and reason make little impact? It is why storytelling is an essential way for your brand to connect with the people you are trying to engage with. […]

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Social Media Carnage blog from Kompass Media

Social Media Carnage

Monday 4th October will go down in history as the day social media went into meltdown. So many businesses felt the brunt of Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp outage for a couple of hours. There is a famous saying, “Never put all your eggs into one […]

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Blog Post Formulating Blog Content Tactics!

Formulating Blog Content Tactics!

Why do we get so snowed under with work that is unplanned and we forget creating our own Blog Content? When it comes to business we are always chasing the next opportunity. We are constantly trying to help others in their marketing. After taking some […]

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Podcast Marketing Resources Blog Post from Kompass Media

Podcast Marketing Resources

Here is a list of Podcast Marketing Resources I use on a weekly basis. They have increased my knowledge and helped me to work more efficiently. The real essence of good time management is making your business life easier. Podcasts are a great tool for research, education, […]

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Tips That Make People Want to Share Your Content Blog Post from Kompass Media


We have put together a blog post from the content we shared on a recent Social Media Talks Podcast, which may be of use to you if you looking to learn more about getting more eyeballs on your Content and that will make people want […]

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Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts Blog Post from Kompass Media Dublin Ireland

Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts.

If you are just starting out on Twitter or maybe you’ve been using it for a while now, you may be finding it a bit of a pain having to click on the different tabs to manoeuvre around the dashboard.  We have put together a list […]

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How Hashtags Work Blog Post from Kompass Media Dublin Ireland


OH SO THAT’S HOW HASHTAGS WORK When I meet with clients or students one of the key questions I get asked is , What are the purposes for using hashtags on Twitter or Instagram? Hashtags are not just for these two platforms, they also have […]

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Stand out from the Crowd Blog Post from Kompass Media

Stand Out From The Crowd.

When we are building relationships in business whether that be offline or online we must accept it should be for a long term and not focus just on today. Looking at the online challenges we face every day here are some areas to take into […]

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Do your Know Your Buyer Persona Blog Post from Kompass Media Dublin Ireland

Do You Know Your Buyer Persona

Over the past number of weeks, I have seen an increase in requests for LinkedIn Training and the question I keep getting asked is: “How do I gain more exposure and convert connections into conversions?” When I sit down with clients or students I find […]

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Sales Funnels Explained Blog Post from Kompass Media Dublin Ireland

Sales Funnels Explained

When we speak about the customer journey or the buyer journey we always think of the end result in THE SALE or CONVERSION and yes, this is the ultimate goal. You could call it the final destination. The reality of this is for every journey […]

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B2B Marketing of LinkedIn Blog Post from Kompass Media Dublin Ireland

B2B Marketing on LinkedIn

Over the past number of months, we have noticed that the days are just rolling into each other. Lately, we have found it harder to get out and do what we used to do, going to restaurants, meeting friends for a drink, catch a movie […]

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