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We are very lucky to have a podcaster in our team here in Kompass Media. Alan Hennessy our head of digital has over 30 years of experience in radio broadcasting and production, this has given Alan the opportunity to share his passions, the love of broadcast, chatting with leading experts in their field and sharing digital audio content with a wider audience.

Alan has two podcasts he produces and hosts (one on his own and the other with his co-host with his great friend and colleague Trevor Lorkings) His quest for knowledge and interest in many different subjects has driven him to develop thought-provoking and insightful conversations with his guests and co-host.

His two podcast differ in many different ways one speaks about Social and Digital Marketing with some of the worlds leading Social Media and Digital Experts spanning across many different continents including Speakers, Authors, Storytellers Business Coaches CEO's and Entrepreneurs.

The premise for this podcast is to help Business Owners learn more about Social Media and Digital Marketing through the Social Media Talks Podcast.

His second podcast is based on digging deeper into life's questions and igniting the spark to curiosity Alan and Trevor discuss a wide range of topic on the podcast including "Where Your thoughts come from, Happiness,  Digital Dopamine, The Wisdom of Age" to name a few.

Find out more below about each of the podcast and click on the links to listen back to the show.

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Social Media Talks Podcast

Helping Business Owners, Learn More Digital Marketing

The Social Media Talks Podcast

In late 2017 Alan began The Social Media Talks Podcast which is a weekly episodic show. Alan recognised that many business owners were struggling to understand how they could develop their digital presence through Social Media Marketing.

With this in mind, he approached some of the worlds leading Digital Marketers and Social Media Power Influencers and invited them to share their expertise and experiences on the podcast.

Each week he chats with a variety of experts about all aspects of Digital & Social Media from Content Creation, Strategies, Planning and Scheduling and Social Media Tools to name but a few.

Interviewees on Social Media Talks (#SMTalks) include Jay Baer, Mark Schaefer, Madalyn Sklar, Jen Herman, Neal Schaffer, Joanne Sweeney, Jen Cole, Mario Martinez Jr, Ted Rubin, Viveka Von Rosen, Brian Fanzo, Bryan Kramer.

All Episode Available here

Curious Fire Podcast

Igniting The Spark To Set Your Curiosity on Fire!

Curious Fire Podcast

After many conversations between inquisitive minds and a lot of interesting subject topics that need to be shared publicly, The Curious Fire Podcast was born.

A weekly podcast presented by Alan Hennessy and Trevor Lorkings (The Digital Alchemist) A series of Podcasts to Igniting that spark to set your curiosity on fire!  Each week we discuss a topic that excites and intrigue us to want to dive deep into the reasons why it happens, where it all started and what does it all mean.

Some of the many topics we have covered on the podcast include:
Collective Consciousness
Digital Heartbeat
Comfort Zones
In Search of Happiness
Wisdom of Age

All Episodes Available Here