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Kompass Media have a different approach for managing your prospects in digital marketing online. We understand the time and budgetary constraints businesses are under and believe in guiding and empowering you to make the correct choices that will increase your brand's visibility. In doing this you will see an increase in your sales and return on investment through online marketing.

We can give you advice and help you understand the reason behind the importance of digital marketing. We provide you with the right solutions and methods that will also prove cost-effective for your business.

We have a team of professionals with over 80 years of experience (collectively) in Marketing, Branding, Graphic Design, Social Media Marketing and Consultancy, Website Design and Development, Copywriting, Content Creation and Business Networking.

Kompass Media can provide you with the complete package to elevate your business to the next level and deliver results while building visibility and awareness for your brand, company or individual business. Our highly skilled team ensure your message reaches the right people, at the right time, on the right stage.

So, whether you are beginning your journey or looking to enhance your marketing strategy we can provide you with the right members of our team to assist you and guide you through this process.


Alan Hennessy Head of Digital and CEO at Kompass Media Dublin Cork Galway Ireland
HEAD OF DIGITAL:  Alan Hennessy

Alan is our Head of Digital here at Kompass Media he is also a qualified, Digital Marketing Consultant.

Alan understands the key strategies for our clients and their main goals. Identifying the new and ever-changing market trends first-hand has been the key to Alan’s success.

Alan has worked alongside various government initiatives, providing advice and expertise to Start-Ups, Entrepreneurs and New Business Ventures and Organisations. He has done this by helping them to launch and sustain their business with an online presence.

"Alan helps businesses and individuals increase their reach online to find their prospects"

Recent Interview with Alan for The Global Interview Click here


Wendy Stunt Marketing Consultant at Kompass Media, Dublin Ireland

Wendy is a Visionary Consultant, in essence, that means - Wendy can guide you and your business in the right direction, whether that is moving forward in business or developing a new marketing plan.

You can learn how to connect the vision of your company to where you should be expanding, both professionally and in a market, driven economy. Connection, planning and imagining your direction is part of Wendy’s development strategy.

"If you can't see it, you won't achieve it"

Yvonne Reddin Copywriter and Freelance Journalist at Kompass Media, Dublin Ireland
COPYWRITING: Yvonne Reddin

Yvonne is a Freelance Writer/ Copywriter and Content Creator with a background in Journalism and Teaching in Adult Education.

Yvonne listens to what you need your audience to hear through a range of services including blog content, articles for newsletters, press releases, advertorials, interviews and more.

Crafting your personal brand to perfection across all platforms is part of what Yvonne can offer you and your brand by applying the right words

"Let me be your voice through the written word"

Interview on Upstarts Radio Show on Dublin City FM

Upstarts show with Kelly on 103.2 Dublin City FM, Friday 23th April 2020
Join Kelly as she talks to Alan Hennessy, Wendy Stunt and Yvonne Reddin from Kompass Media, Digital Marketing Agency.
On the Show, Kelly guests talk about their new collaboration and all the new services they provide including "Marketing in a Box" your one-stop-shop for marketing.

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