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Stop Wasting Time Writing Your Bio and Sourcing Your Headshots

Showcase your expertise and services in one place

As a Podcast or Live Stream show guest, you will need to provide your bio and headshot photo. Do you have to write a short background and bio each time you are asked?

This takes time out of your busy schedule to develop it. What if you had an opportunity to send it immediately in a simple and time-efficient way.


We Have The Solution for You

In recent times the demand for virtual guests on Podcasts, Live Streaming Shows and Zoom Networking meetings has increased.  In order for the host to have the correct information about you, they will request a bio and headshot so they can promote you at their event.

A Media Pack gives you the ability to share all your details in one place that can be digitally transferred with a professional look, you can also include hyperlinks and video content within the pack.

Examples of Personalised Media Packs

So What Information Should You Include In Your Media Pack?

          Key Elements for Media Packs
  1. Your Profile
  2. Services
  3. Media (Interviews and Guest Appearances)
  4. Achievements
  5. Testimonials
  6. Companies or Brands you have worked or collaborated with
  7. Contact Details (Website, Email, Phone Number and Social Media Links - All links are interactive)

You can also include Photo Headshots and you can showcase any media appearances or stage presence photos.

Where Should I Display My Media Pack?

Your Media Pack is a way for you to showcase your expertise and deliver it to the right people, in an easy to understand PDF formatted document.

Some of the ways you can display your Media Pack:

  • Create a link on your website that is easily accessible to view and download 
  • Add a link to your email signature
  • Share with your contacts online
  • Share in a Social Media Post 
  • Upload it as a feature on your LinkedIn Profile
  • Share with Potential Podcast Hosts
  • Share with Potential Live Stream Show Hosts
  • Email your clients and prospects
  • Share with colleagues at Virtual Networking Meetings

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