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Script Writing Tips and Tricks

We recently put out a poll on Twitter asking people -

"What type of writing content do you find most challenging?

A: Social Media Posts = 33.3%

B: Scripts - Podcasts/Radio = 66.7%

See screenshot of result below in response to this poll our Copywriter trusted partner Yvonne Reddin wrote this blog post on her findings.


Twitter Poll


My answer to this is to write like you are speaking. It’s a different approach when writing online content in comparison to print publications.  Online content needs to be shorter in copy length, have keywords embedded in the piece, be concise so readers stay there and contain information they need.
Scriptwriting has become even more popular because of the pandemic with many people developing interesting podcasts and live radio shows.

Just like any show, you need a script, you need a beginning, middle and an end. You are sharing a story, so think of it like that.  If it is not scripted, it won’t look and sound professional and you want to make an impact.

Yes, you must be prepared for the unforeseen, especially if you are live and interacting with viewers. You should always have questions prepared for your interviewees.  And perhaps have more than what you thought you might need just in case your guest chooses to answer frankly.

Prepare open-ended questions, not questions that can be answered in a Yes/No manner, you want your guest to elaborate as much as possible.  Also, know when to break up a long answer and don’t be afraid to be blunt.   You will probably only have a certain time frame, so you have to script to that time frame also.

Bullet points can be key for structuring sentences as you don’t want to look like you are reading from a script.  You need to highlight words to remind you of certain topics.  Write your script with the Intro and Outro in a bigger font and your middle piece with short bullet point sentences.

And remember a catchy Series/Podcast title is essential.  People will remember it and also design your show so you stand out.  Either with an eye-catching graphic and layout if a video series and also a good signature tune at the beginning and at the end.

Sometimes the best thing to do is hire the experts for the graphics and the content and they can advise you on how to bring your idea to life.

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