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Twitter for Business Training Courses for Beginners and Intermediate Levels
Kompass Media provides you with the tools and insights on how to successfully profile your personal and business profile on Twitter. We teach you how to create a dynamic Twitter profile, how to tweet for success, developing Twitter lists for quick search and organisation.

The Benefits for business, communicating with your followers, generating leads, showing your brand's personality, research, seeking feedback and providing instant customer service. We've designed this course to eliminate the mystery and demystify the process.

This Twitter course is a comprehensive training designed for businesses who want marketing results using Twitter.

The Twitter Marketing Course covers the basics - building a Twitter business presence, to advanced marketing techniques. The training also covers a practical application that matter to businesses.
On completion of this course, attendees will have gained an understanding of Twitter for Business and how to engage with your followers and build solid relationships plus relevant tools for marketing and creating lead generation.
Follow Up & Support
Participants on this programme will benefit from offsite support for one month on completion of the course and for a reasonable period after it concludes.
Course Overview
  • What is Twitter
  • Twitter Definitions and Benefits
  • How to set up your profile correctly
  • Twitter Language
  • Twitter Visibility
  • How to Tweet with success
  • Twitter for Customer Service
  • Direct Messaging
  • Twitter Lists and Benefits
  • Twitter Trends
  • How to Market on Twitter
  • How to Grow Your Followers
  • How to Advertise on Twitter
  • Twitter Tools
  • Integrate Twitter with Social Media Networks
  • Twitter Case Studies
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