Social Media Training

for the Small to Medium size Business

Kompass Media provide many Digital Marketing Training courses to help businesses and individuals to develop and understand Social Media marketing. We invest our time in you and teach best practices and Digital Marketing strategies that can increase your knowledge on these platforms.

We provide Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced training course for SME's (Small & Medium enterprises) We understand you have limited time to spend on Social Media platforms and would like to be more targeted and efficient with the time you spend on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn plus the many other networks out there.

Training Courses

The Social Media Overview course gives you insights of all the different social media platforms and show you the elements involved in them. We look at Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and YouTube, We advise you with a guide to a better understanding and help you in Choosing the right Digitals Channels to promote your business or services on.

You can learn what network works best for promoting your business from incorporating customer service, uploading video content, sharing photos, increasing your website rankings and finding new connections, prospects, and partners We provide you with an overview of how to set up these platforms the correct Design Dimensions, Network Etiquette, Privacy Settings, Content Creation and Best Practices. Tips and tricks on posting the right content and the best times to post for maximum exposure.

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms with over 4000 million users. We can provide you with the tools to create and develop a presence on this platform or if you already use Facebook way to increase your knowledge and upskill.

LinkedIn is a business- focused social networking service, aimed at enabling members to develop professional connections. We have developed courses to aid small business owners and individuals to increase their business profile and their company's brand on this network.

We provide you with the tools and insights on how to successfully profile your personal and business profile on Twitter. We teach you how to create a dynamic Twitter profile, how to tweet for success, developing Twitter lists for quick search and organisation.

There are a vast array of social media tools. As part of the course, we look at tools that can take the pain out of posting and uploading your content. After setting up your Social Media Networks and Scheduling your posts, you need to be able to track and measure how well they are performing. Investing, this time, you can learn how to use the different types of measurement tools. We look at overviews of Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics, LinkedIn Analytics and Google Analytics.

Create your own Social Media Training Course. We can work with you to customise the subject areas you would like to cover to ensure your training is fully personalised so that we can focus on teaching what you want to learn.

Alan Hennessy - Social Media Consultant

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Johann Callaghan says . . .
Johann Callaghan: Director: Therapeutic Healing

Alan has a lot of extensive knowledge and expertise for social media and digital marketing. Alan is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and small business owners to understand how to succeed with an online business by simplifying the complexity of social media and digital marketing with his training programmes and services. Alan shared some insightful information with me that was relevant to my business. Not only did he share tips for twitter and facebook, but he also shared his very valuable Ebooks which are a must to be downloaded and put into practice. They are a gold mine of information. Thank you, Alan. You have inspired me and empowered me to move forward with my online business.