Digital Marketing

for the small to medium size business

Digital Marketing is the term that is used to connect consumers and businesses through digital technology.

Digital Marketing comprises an extensive array of internet marketing techniques and tools to optimise brand awareness and create valuable leads for business. In a broader scene, Digital Marketing the internet is at the heart of digital marketing. The internet offers you the pathway to launch your digital marketing campaign through a variety of different channels of communication that best suits your business.

We can guide and develop a digital marketing strategy to enhance your online presence deliver your requirement whether that is increasing the amount of traffic back to your website, or creating brand awareness through execution which will increase and lead to you achieving your goals.

Our way is the right way. Planning and Strategising are key to this process and managed correctly the sky is the limit. Simplified, the process is broken down into a number of segments.


  • Digital Audit: Review your current digital channel and pinpoint gaps plan
  • Digital Strategy: Create and develop the correct approach for your business
  • Digital Pathway: Construct an actionable path for your digital strategy
  • Customer Experience Analysis: Analyse customer understanding through digital media


  • Digital Campaign: Generate creative solutions to influence and reach your audience
  • Social Media: Deploy a strategy campaign to increase engagement
  • Search Engine Optimisation: Develop a program for consumer tracking using monitoring tools
  • Email Marketing: Create the correct email communications programme for your business
  • Analytics: Analyse your data and direct the correct actionable task.

Execution Delivering Key Performance Indicators

Digital Marketing empowers brands and customers to engage in two-way dialogue. A valuable asset to any business is to understand what the consumer is looking for, and through this understanding deliver fresh and innovative ways to achieve your goal. 70% of Irish businesses have yet to embrace digital marketing as per (Ireland Digital Future Report by Amarach Research). It has been proved in the Irish digital marketing has increased business by 60% with online marketing over the past year as per (Ireland Digital Future Report by Amarach Research).

Alan Hennessy - Social Media Consultant

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Alan is a dependable business associate that has an eagerness to assist others with his astute and empathetic approach to business. He has an in-depth knowledge of the workings of social media and digital marketing; moreover he is very personable and has a calm, considered and amicable attitude to his dealings with others.